Weekly Poll: What’s Your Favorite Streaming Video Service?

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These days, more and more of us are “unplugging” and consuming movies and TV shows via streaming video services. In this week’s poll, we’d like to hear your preference from the top choices.

[poll id=”56″]

(Note: I intentionally excluded things like Epix, Xfinity, or Streampix, which require subscriptions to regular cable or satellite services. I also left iTunes and Google Play off, since they aren’t technically streaming services, but rather digital purchase services.)

Last Week’s Results

We had some technical issues with the poll plug-in this week, so we didn’t get too many votes. But those who were able to vote were mostly curious about the identity of the Grand Admiral. Jyn’s background and Tudyk’s role tied for second, while the absence of aliens and whether Forrest Whitaker is a good guy or bad guy tied for third. Strangely, no one seems curious as to why the Empire took 20 years to built the first Death Star, when they were able to mostly build the second in just a few years. But oh, well.

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