Paul and Storm Channel TMBG in “It Might Be Christmas”

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Paul and Storm's "It Might Be Christmas"Paul and Storm's "It Might Be Christmas"

Paul and Storm's "It Might Be Christmas"

As Christmas approaches, and every store is filled with seasonal music, you’ve probably asked yourself the same question as all other geeks: When are They Might Be Giants going to come out with an album of Christmas music? Well, wonder no longer, my fellow geek, for such an album is in the works… with a twist.

You may recall that, last Christmas, Paul and Storm produced “The 25 Days of Newman,” wherein they created a series of Randy Newman-esque movie theme songs. This holiday season they’ve chosen instead to produce “It Might Be Christmas,” an album of Christmas songs that TMBG might have written and sung, except of course that they haven’t. So far two songs, “Forgettable Side Dish” and “Backward Santa” are out, and they’ve promised to publish at least one new song each Monday, Wednesday and Friday until Christmas Eve. You can listen to the songs online for free, or download them (in any of several formats) for whatever price you’d like to pay.

I have to say that I find this idea more interesting than last year’s, because, while the Newman songs were funny, they became predictable after only a few entries. There are only two songs in this year’s effort so far, of course, but those two are very enjoyable pastiches of TMBG, and I have high hopes for the upcoming ones. The tone Paul and Storm affect to sound like the two Johns (Linnell and Flansburgh) is nasal enough to be funny but not so nasal as to be irritating.

So we at GeekDad suggest you add Paul and Storm’s “It Might Be Christmas” to your holiday tunes list. We do advise that you listen to the songs before playing them for your kids, as many of Paul and Storm‘s songs would probably not be considered suitable for young kids by most parents.

And enjoy this video of Paul & Storm singing the Frogger Song at W00tstock 1.0!

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