In The Driver’s Seat Gives Girls the Keys to Smart Car Ownership

Geek Culture

When I bought my first car, I had my brother the mechanic come with me, and simply listened to his excellent advice. But if your daughter is not so lucky, this is the book you need.

The subtitle of “In the Driver’s Seat” is “A Girl’s Guide to Her First Car,” but it’s so clear and comprehensive that it could be used as a guide to anyone buying a car, whether it’s their first or not.

For certain, it will get teenage girls off on the right driving foot, with practical advice including from how to choose a car, how to inspect a car before buying, how to pay for it, and how to handle simple repairs. I especially like the symptoms/possible problems/what-to-do table near the back that sorts out what repairs might be needed and why.

All the information is all presented in a fun, breezy style that should appeal to teenage girls. It doesn’t talk down to them. It does take their unique concerns seriously. For instance, acknowledging the desire to make a statement with that first car, then pointing out the realities that might prevent that from happening.

And then there are the Women at the Wheel sidebars, which made me smile. They include the first all-girl road trip, driven women on the silver screen, suggested songs for driving, and the story of Volvo’s concept car designed for and by women.

My eldest daughter, just sixteen, has been reading the first chapters and also gives it her seal of approval.

Now if there was only a book for how not to be terrified when your oldest child starts driving, I’d be all set.

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