GeekDad Goes to Dragon*Con

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Photo: DCI

Fellow GeekDad (and my husband) Michael Harrison and I are venturing to the sweltering core of Atlanta for its annual congregation of geeks, otherwise known as Dragon*Con. We’ll be there for the entire duration this year, representing. We’re planning on posting a photo stream so you can keep tabs on what we’re doing, and if you happen to be there, come on by and say hi! We’ll be wandering around a great deal, balancing my geeky preferences with his. (Feel free to pester us on Twitter, too)

You’re likely to find Michael: In the RPG basement; wherever there are dice (like the Chessex booth); drooling over medieval weaponry; at any panel about world building; crying in the corner because Edward James Olmos canceled this year; at panels about kids; at anything with Tolkien in it; drinking whiskey at the bar.

You’re likely to find Natania: At any panel with phrases like “alternate history” or “steampunk” in its title; at speculative literature panels; at panels about feminism/sexism/gender issues; drooling over medieval/Renaissance/Victorian weaponry and steampunk guns and tech; trying to get a replica of Sting; ogling beautiful dresses and corsets; drinking red wine at the bar.

Our very tentative schedule is here.

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