20 Geeky Headlines from 2025

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Image: Sang Tan, Associated Press (via Mercury News)Image: Sang Tan, Associated Press (via Mercury News)

Image: Sang Tan, Associated Press (via Mercury News)

When Star Wars was released in 1977 it went on to serve as the highest grossing film of all time (until ET knocked it out in ’82). Meaning, a ton of people went to see it.

Now, fast forward 30+ years and if you attend a Star Wars convention you are very much considered a geek. So, what will be the new “geek” in the year 2025? What popular movie, game, or activity that is around today will people be having mega-conventions for? What will geeks of the future obsess over? What will our kids be writing about in GeekDad then?

Well let’s take a peek into the time machine!

  1. Swishing & Flicking @ Potter Celebration IV, London
  2. Magic The Gathering Going Still Strong In College Dorms At The Age of 32
  3. Celebrating Dr. Who’s Diamond Anniversary: Which Doctor was the best?
  4. 100 Things Our Kids Won’t Know About: Featuring “When Social networking could only be done through websites”, “When portable computing consisted of carrying around a 4lb slab of aluminum, glass, and a chemical battery”, and “Paper money”
  5. SimAnything Reviewed: Maxis’ newest sim lets you play god
  6. NetNanny: Is raising our kids through crowdsourcing ruining our future?
  7. Weekend Project: Quantum Computing Calculator
  8. Why The Phantom Menace Is Better Than Episodes 7 – 9
  9. The End Has Come: Microsoft Goes Bankrupt!
  10. You’re Still Using A Keyboard? How Very 2015!
  11. GeekDad Reviews Apple’s iCar and iHome
  12. Reviewing MC Frontalot’s Oldies Hits Vol. 3
  13. President Wheaton Declares July 13th A National Holiday (Long Live Picard!)
  14. GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra, A Cult Classic
  15. GeekDad Attends A Midnight Showing of Fanboys
  16. Shatner To Attend TrekCon! 94 and Still Ticking!
  17. Pokemon Ultimate Immersion HoloComic Debuts @ PokeCon, Canberra
  18. Playstation Zen, Will You Jack In?
  19. Great Geek Debate: Naruto vs Bleach
  20. Duke Nukem Forever, Release Coming In Q2 ’25
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