Our Favorite Sci-Fi Ships as Model Rockets

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Image: Verna RocketsImage: Verna Rockets

Image: Verna Rockets

Occasional GeekDad contributor Francesco Fondi (perhaps the only Italian hobby enthusiast in Japan) has sent along part of a piece he just wrote up on his own blog, about some cool old model rocket kits he came across:

Model Rocketry is an hobby started at the end the 50s thanks to Orville Carlisle, a licensed pyrotechnics expert, who designed the first model rocket engine in 1954.

This hobby, even tough facing problems after 9/11 (authorities allege that model rockets can be modified and used as weapons), is still alive and keep all its appeal.

Digging into the Estes back catalog I discovered these uber geek model kits: it’s possibile to build your own Flying Model Rocket replica of an X-Wing, the USS Enterprise, the Space Probe (the rocket from the cult sci-fi movie “The Black Hole” released by Disney in 1979) or you can build a rocket replica of the Viper from Battlestar Galactica.

The sad thing is that these kits are out of production so you can start to hunt for kits on Ebay of you can choose the DIY path and, like the guys at Verna rockets, build one from scratch thanks to the JimZ rocket plans website.

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