GeekDad Puzzle of the Week: A Weighty Conundrum

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Image credit: BallerinoJamers/flickrImage credit: BallerinoJamers/flickr

Image credit: BallerinoJamers/flickr

This week we need your help tracking down the cause of the mysterious weight changes of a traveler’s luggage. Send in your answer by 10:00 PM EST Thursday for your chance to win a $50 gift certificate from ThinkGeek!

Our intrepid traveler was in Juliaca, Peru for business when he was called to Anchorage, Alaska for an emergency meeting that would last less than a day before he had to return to Juliaca. Being an untrusting sort, he packed all of his belongings for the short trip. When he arrived at the airport and checked his bag, it was weighed in at 49.9 pounds, just below the 50 pound limit for excessively heavy baggage.

Our traveler arrived in Anchorage, booked a hotel room, put his luggage in the corner, and fell asleep. He woke up just a few minutes before he was due at the meeting, so he only had time to brush his teeth (his toiletries were kept in his carry-on luggage for use during the flight) and run out the door. The meeting was long, and he had to stay to socialize after the meeting so he was nearly late getting back to the hotel. He had time to grab his luggage and rush to catch the airport shuttle.

At the airport, he checked his suitcase again, but this time it weighed in at 50.1 pounds and he had to pay the excessive weight charge.

Our traveler never opened his bag between the weighing in Juliaca and the weighing in Anchorage, and neither did anyone else: nothing was added and nothing was taken away. Nothing stuck to the bottom of the bag, etc. The humidity was low in Anchorage, so water absorption did not somehow add 0.2 pounds to his luggage. Both scales very well calibrated and are accurate to 0.05 pounds.

What is the cause of the weight gain?

Send us your answer by 10:00 PM EST Thursday for your chance to win!

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