Five Geeky Facts About Ninja Assassin

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Ninja fans take heart! There’s a new movie out there, creatively titled Ninja Assassin, featuring everyone’s favorite hooded shuriken-flingers. But more than just an action movie, NA actually features some fascinating geeky tidbits:

1. The movie’s title character is played by Korean pop star Rain, known primarily to US nerds as satirist Stephen Colbert’s arch-nemesis. Watch their hilarious dance-off.

2. It’s produced by the Wachowski Brothers, who need no introduction.

3. It was co-written by Babylon 5 maestro J. Michael Straczynzki. According to the movie’s Wikipedia page, J. Mike was hired to do a last-minute rewrite of the script, which he completed in just 53 hours.

4. Director James McTeigue had his directorial debut with V for Vendetta but served as assistant director for a number of science fiction blockbusters: the Matrix trilogy, Dark City and Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. He’s currently on tap to direct a movie adaptation of Richard Morgan’s excellent Altered Carbon.

5. On top of all the other coolness, guess who plays the villain? Sho Kosugi of ’80s ninja movie fame. His magnum opus Revenge of the Ninja still stands as the best of the genre.

(Watch the trailer.)

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