Who’s Your Favorite Doctor Who Companion?

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While my son and I were catching up on all the Dr Who episodes that Tivo had caught, we started talking about which of the companions was the best. Keep in mind that he has only been watching Dr Who for about a year on the channel formerly known as SciFi. While this limits the scope of his companion knowledge to those who have travelled with the Tenth Doctor, it in no way hindered his ability to defend his favorite.

In our debate we managed to narrow our favorites down to just three. Each of them stands out for totally different reasons.

My personal favorite is Donna Noble. While not the most attractive of our top three, her back story is somewhat Cinderella like. Born into a middle class working family she seems set on a life as a boring office temp. Fortunately the good Doctor comes in and sweeps her away in a rather tragic comedy of accidents on her wedding day. Something about how she handles herself in a crisis and her character development sets her apart in my mind as the best companion.

Travis really likes Rose Tyler, but that does not surprise me in the least. He’s had an attraction to blond girls since he was able to walk, although he will vehemently deny that if anyone asks. Travis’ says is main reason for liking Rose is that she frequently carries a rather large gun and isn’t afraid to use it. She is one of the most confident companions, and often makes some poor decisions.

We both agreed that Martha Jones is a good candidate for second place. I consider her the most attractive companion while Travis stands by Rose in this matter. I think Martha the most capable companion, although it is apparent in many episodes that the Doctor fails to recognize both this and her affection for him.

So who’s your favorite companion? I’m limiting the list to those who traveled with the ninth and tenth Doctors since mine and my son’s knowledge doesn’t go back too far. I’ve put a list of the companions after the survey, with Wikipedia links, in the event that you want to research your choice.

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Feel free to drop a comment defending your choice and bring up past companions. I regret that my limits have excluded K9. We have seen him in a few cameo appearances, but it has been a long time since I’ve an episode with the fourth Doctor and my son hasn’t seen any prior to the seventh. I do plan to soon remedy that deficiency by snagging the Doctor Who Seasons off Amazon as I can.

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