2010 Core Set Returns Magic: The Gathering to its Fantasy Roots

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42a_m10logo42a_m10logoWhen Magic: The Gathering was introduced in 1993, it was full of classic fantasy tropes like fireball spells, giants, goblins and elves. Naturally, as subsequent sets were released, publisher Wizards of the Coast introduced more original spells and characters, and began to flesh out the characters and locations of the gameworld. However, with their 2010 Core Set, Wizards has returned to these classics, carefully gleaned from 16 years of cards.

We here at Wizards perpetually rethink and examine all that we’re doing with an eye toward getting more and more new people into Magic. The game is committing to once again embrace that level of flavor. Most of our potential players know a good deal about traditional fantasy; when they play our game, it should feel as though the fantasy they know is coming to life.

And so with their latest Core Set (the sets they sell to n00bs looking to get their feet wet) they’re stocking the selection with 50% classics as well as 50% of what the describe as “classics in the making.” Anyone who played the game in the ’90s is sure to remember awesome cards like Giant Growth, Nightmare or Lightning Bolt — the latter spell actually was missing from previous Core Sets. But there are new spells and monsters added — the “classics in the making.”

And guess what? The GeekDad Blog is lucky enough to have an exclusive spoiler of one of these Core Set cards… read on!


The Prized Unicorn… the ultimate sacrificial lamb! You attack with this monster and every opposing creature will hasten to block, perhaps creating an opening for a more devastating monster.

Thanks to Wizards for giving us another spoiler!

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