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There is a world of endless information out there on the net but when it comes to finding good quality and usable material for your roleplay games then it can be something more akin to a minefield. Most people will find a safe haven in your RPGnet’s or your ENWorld’s but if you care to take that extra jump there are some fantastic sites out there to be found.

They run the entire gamut of topics from system reviews and fan written adventures right through to GMing guidance and humor. You want it? It’s out there. I’ve been reading a fair number of them over the last couple of months and it’s hard to choose just a few to point out without feeling bad by ignoring the rest.

Musings of the Chatty DMMusings of the Chatty DMThis blog has really taken off over the last year. Between promoting the Rule of Cool, general DMing ideas and getting his kids into roleplaying this blog really does have something for everyone almost. Most recently he has been writing, play testing and promoting his latest adventure ‘The Dungeon Reality Show’. Taking inspiration from all over it’s easy to see where the idea for dungeon bowl came from and it looks real fun to play.

unclebear170x50unclebear170x50As we mentioned on the top 100 geeks on Twitter this blog has been around for some time but it never stops being a must read. Between the reviews and game specific material he has written there is a wealth of info and guidance on GMing or world building. Over the last couple of weeks he has wrote a lot on ‘Shemping’ and filling out those faceless NPC’s you always come across in game.

banner-newbiedm1banner-newbiedm1The NewbieDM has always been a funny blog for me. Every time I visit I keep expecting to be confronted with a blogger desperate to know how to DM and failing. It is of course nothing like that. In recent weeks we have seen posts on creating your own custom gaming tiles as well as going through various problems you as a DM might come across. There has even been a post about how to find and get together with other gamers if you don’t have a gaming group of your own.

cw-logo-smallcw-logo-smallThere are old school D&D blogs and there are new school D&D blogs. Most of which I wouldn’t read because I can never be bothered with the conflict that sometimes happens between them. Chgowiz’s blog on the other hand is the one I go to when I need a bit of sense on that divide. Playing OD&D and the various other systems mentioned for the enjoyment it brings always comes through in every post he makes.

stargazersworldstargazersworldHailing from Germany means this guy is up and about before most of us so when I want news on the latest happenings in the RPG world I can usually find Michael has got there first. With plenty of reviews, news and thoughts on RPG’s there is never a shortage of posts to read. You can also find news and info on the latest adaptation of a free RPG’s for his campaign.

As I say this is just the tip of the iceberg so why not have a look yourself and see if there is a site on the RPG Bloggers Network that tickles your fancy.

What else is going on out there I hear you ask? Well there is a monthly blog ‘carnival’ that gets passed around amongst the RPG bloggers and it seems to produce some excellent material on whatever the topic happens to be that month. This month they are looking at Steampunk and it is being hosted by Mad Brew Labs so why not head over and check out the comments for this month’s entries. For a full list of past carnival roundups and the hosts thoughts on the entries you can find them here.

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