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This weekend, grab your polyhedral dice and print out your character sheet, because it’s time for Worldwide Dungeons and Dragons Game Day. The second in a series of three planned date for 2009, Saturday’s event focuses on the new material released this Tuesday in the Monster Manual 2.

Come and face down enemies (both brand new and some old returning favorites) jumping right off the pages of the next big monster expansion for the game. While you’re at it, beat those vile beasts down with characters using options from upcoming releases. No matter if you’re new to the game or a 4th Edition veteran, we’ll have everything you need to embark on an all-new adventure!

Just for participating you’ll take home the pregenerated character sheet and a miniature of the character you played. If you DM the game, you’ll take home the adventure itself, a poster map of the encounter areas, and a pack of monster miniatures used in the adventure.

In this spankin’ new adventure designed specifically for Game Day, a kobold wyrmpriest has stolen an ancient book of prophecy from a fortress on the borderlands. The kobold has evil plans for the book and only you and your allies can stop her.

Hit the jump for a preview of the characters you can choose from and the miniatures you’ll get to keep.

Since I’m lucky enough to be running the Game Day adventure at my Friendly Local Game Store, I received the kits last week. It looks like a blast, with three combat encounters and a skill challenge. Will you run into any of the monsters featured a couple of weeks ago here at GeekDad? I think you’ll just have to show up and see.

You’ll have the chance to play as one of the following five pre-generated player characters:

Uthal, Goliath BarbarianUthal, Goliath Barbarian

Uthal, Goliath Barbarian

Eomer, Dwarf PaladinEomer, Dwarf Paladin

Eomer, Dwarf Paladin

Arjhana, Dragonborn Rogue, and Chance, Tiefling WarlordArjhana, Dragonborn Rogue, and Chance, Tiefling Warlord

Arjhana, Dragonborn Rogue, and Chance, Tiefling Warlord

Althaea, Eladrin WizardAlthaea, Eladrin Wizard

Althaea, Eladrin Wizard

Check out the Worldwide D&D Game Day site for event locations and times, and to preview the character sheets for the PCs above.

P.S. If you’re in the Raleigh-Durham area, stop by the Sci-Fi Genre game store at 11am and join in the fun. I’ll be the one in the awesome t-shirt.

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