Ninja versus Ninja: A Stealthy Game of Swords and Rewards

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photo: Out of the Box

We received this board game from a friend who noticed that it was recommended for ages eight to adult. He knew I was trying to interest my own geeklet in something other than Xbox 360, so he said I should give it a try. Since we have opened the box, it has not closed.

Each player starts the game with six ninjas in their home dojo. The way you earn points is to journey into the opposing teams dojo and return not captured. You can also capture the opposing ninjas by landing in the space they occupy. Like most board games, you can play aggressive or defensive; both ways can lead to victory. Be the first player to seven points or capture all six enemy ninjas to win. The game plays very fast. In the instructions, it states that the average game time is 15 minutes, our games take about half that.

Keep in mind, my son is five years old, and he plays this game very well. There are two four-sided dice that are rolled for your turn and the moving ninja must travel the rolled amount of spaces without moving diagonally. There are a couple of other movement restrictions, but I will save that for the rulebook to explain better.

So if you are tired of Hi Ho Cherry-O and Candyland, then I highly recommend this game. Quick to learn, quick to play and a great time for any two players.

From the Out of the Box company statement:

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photo: Out of the Box

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