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Borderlands: Federation and EmpireBorderlands: Federation and Empire

Borderlands: Federation and Empire

One of the very geeky things I did before coming to GeekDad, and indeed one of the things on my application to join GeekDad that probably went a long way towards getting me the job, was writing for, and running herd over, a wonderful collection of geeks from all over the world with one thing in common: being Star Trek uber-fans. We were all part of something called Borderlands: Federation and Empire, billed as a play-by-email role playing game, it was really more like collaborative fan-fiction set in the future of the Star Trek universe, and was a ton of fun.

While I was there, I specifically ran one of their dutystations, called Starbase Phoenix, and created and hosted The Captain’s Log, a podcast about the writing group. It was very inside baseball, only appealing to those folks involved in the group, but we enjoyed it.

Because of my GeekDad responsibilities, and the effort I’m putting into writing a certain book right now, I’ve had to drop out of Starbase Phoenix. But this last weekend, my friend Dave Church, who took over hosting duties on The Captain’s Log, invited me back on the podcast to do one simple thing: blather on about the new Star Trek movie as only buddies and true fans can. I invite you to listen to it, if you’re a fan of everything Star Trek, and if you’ve already seen the movie (the podcast is entirely SPOILER FILLED, so beware).

Check out the podcast here.

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