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12 Realms: Bedtime Story is the 4th expansion for the interesting 12 Realms series. Starting with 12 Realms, the base game, each expansion adds heroes, villains, and stories to this cooperative fantasy game. Bedtime Story adds four realms, four fortresses, eight new hero miniatures, and a lot of cards and tokens. In all of the plots, across the realms, players must band together to defeat a common enemy.

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Here are some of the Plots we’ve prepared that we will reach through the Stretch Goals: In Tang Dynasty a god has been born with unlimited power. Players begin their journey from the same realm and they must travel from one land to another but to do that they must destroy the Walls which separate each land. Each Wall has three parts, and they can be destroyed by accomplishing different tasks. In each round Archers on top of the wall attack and all players lose Talents, making the game progressively more difficult! As players try to destroy the Walls in a Realm, Invaders take over the rest of the Active Realms! When you get to the Palace, you must all face the god who was born there and then one of you can take his power!

If you already have the base 12 Realms game, then you can buy into this Kickstarter for as little as $55, or for $100 you can pick up the original game plus any one of the expansions, including the new Bedtime Story. This may seem like a lot for a game, but each title includes at least four different stories to play across four realms plus many miniatures, tokens, and cards. Stretch goals have added numerous plots and it appears that more may be unlocked soon (they’ve already doubled their primary funding goal).


Check out the Kickstarter video below and click through to the Kickstarter if you’re interested: 12 Realms: Bedtime Story. I’ve included links to the previous kickstarters below if you want to check out the other expansions or read up on how the previous campaigns performed.

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