GeekDad Puzzle of the Week: Qualified for S.Q.A.T. – Solution

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squatsquatCongratulations to Dan Rothbart who was among the correct solutions this week and wins a $50 gift code to ThinkGeek! Thanks to all who submitted answers. Check the solution after the jump for your code for $10 off of your next purchase of $40 or more at ThinkGeek.

The intergalactic space lanes are dangerous. That is why the Star League recruits the best and brightest to protect the honest beings throughout known space. Two essential qualifications for recruitment into the Starsystem Quantum Action Team (SQAT) are that one must have trained with the Kraak and suffered the Spaz. In order to suffer the Spaz one must serve in the Shadow Order. A recruit cannot serve in the Shadow Order unless he or she has trained with the Kraak. Every recruit must either be inducted into SQAT or the Starsystem Interplanetary Support Inititative (SISI), but a recruit cannot both be SISI and have suffered the Spaz.

Three new recruits are before the council: Drage, who has not served in the Shadow Order; Roog, who has suffered the Spaz; and Billy, who has not trained with the Kraak.

What can you say about each recruit?


Drage has never suffered the Spaz and is not inducted into SQAT. He is SISI.

Roog served in the Shadow Order and trained with the Kraak. He is not SISI but is SQAT.

Billy has not suffered the Spaz and did not serve in the Shadow Order. He cannot be SQAT so he is SISI.
Collect your known data:

a. If SQUAT then TwK and StS.
b. If StS, then SO
c. Not SO unless TwK (or if SO, then TwK)
d. Either SQAT or SISI, if not one, then the other.
e. Not both SISI and StS, or if SISI, then not StS.

Drage is not SO, therefore, from b he did not StS. From a, if he did not TwK, he did not StS, and he would not be SQAT. Drage did not StS so he is not SQAT.

Roog StS, so from b he is SO. From c, he TwK. From e, he is not SISI.

Billy did not TwK so from c he is not SO. From b he did not StS. From a he is not SQAT.

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