Alien Robot Attacks Picky Eaters

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I just ordered what appears to be a fun and somewhat geeky cookbook for kids and parents alike. Combining my son’s love for Aliens (ala Ben Ten) and Robots (VEX, LEGO, and others) this should be a hit and I hope it gets him past this chicken nuggets and french fries stage.

The book is “An Alien Robot’s Cookbook” and it is aimed directly at picky eaters. Whimsical recipes like Pigs in Spaceships and Realistic Corn Fritters that the kids can help prepare it should be a good opportunity to teach more cooking skills to the Geeklets.

I think it is safe to assume that everyone here deals with a picky eater. Is it a requirement that all children go through an illogical phase of hating certain foods, even ones similar to the ones they love? How do you cope with picky eaters? Do you allow them to prepare an alternate meal for themselves, or do they have to eat what is on the table.

My youngest loves a wide array of foods, including most dark green vegetables, fried calamari (squid, not octopus) and many forms of sushi. He even loves eating the fish eggs on top of certain rolls. However, try to get him to eat a taco or burrito and you’d think you’d asked him to chew on an insect. He eats chips and salsa by the pint, and our home-made chili (his favorite food) uses all the same spices I put in taco meat, so it’s definitely not too hot.

Hopefully, this cookbook will help him get past this funny picky stage and move on to cooking and tasting more foods.

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