The Only Shirt You Need for Travelling To The Past

Geek Culture


You know you’ve imagined once or twice what it would be like to get sent back in time. Problem is, you can’t always guarantee you’ll get sent back with your 1973 Oldmobile Delta 88 and a trunk full of shotgun shells and chemistry books. You might only arrive with the shirt on your back. Well, if that’s going to happen, make sure it’s this shirt.

This shirt has how-to information on all of the low-hanging fruit of our modern age. Go back in time wearing this and you’ll invent heavier-than-air flight! YOU’LL discover penicillin. YOU’LL be the first to isolate aluminum. Did you know aluminum used to be more valuable than gold? YOU’RE GONNA BE RICH.

SPECIAL BONUS FEATURE: this shirt also doubles as an "holy cow if this shirt somehow got sent back in time EVERYTHING WOULD BE
CHANGED" item. This one garment – YOUR SHIRT – can/definitely will/might have already change(d) the entire course of human history.
Wear it with pride!

You can pick up the shirt here.

See a blow-up of the shirt’s information in the extended post.


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