To Peep, Perchance to Dream

Hacking the Holidays

In 2007, the Washington Post started an annual Peeps diorama contest culminating on Easter Sunday. The entries have increased in number and creativity since, and this year some of the finalists are remarkably good and, even better, remarkably geeky.

The Flash gallery includes a Peeps interpretation of M.C. Escher’s famous "Relativity," Peeps Star Trek characters on the D.C. Metro, a Peeps version of a scene from WALL-E, and the pictured Peeps rendering of King Arthur’s Camelot. The less-geeky dioramas in the finalists are also very good, and while it’s hard to argue too much with their choice of winner (Edward Hopper’s "Nighthawks" done with Peeps), I could wish for them to have chosen a geeky one instead. Just because I’m a GeekDad, and that’s the way we roll.

Easter is not a holiday I ever celebrated growing up, as I’m Jewish, and I always thought Peeps were far too sweet to be actually consumed. So I’m glad to see the finalist list include a Peeps Passover seder, and I love the very idea of a Peeps diorama contest—because at least that way they’re good for something.

What do you think: Should we do a GeekDad Peeps diorama contest next year, with something really nice for the winner and something decent for the runners-up?

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