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What better way to celebrate Earth Day than to get your kids involved. A wide range of activities have been planned specifically for today or this week, but what about ongoing environmental awareness and programs? The EPA Student Center helps to fill that role.

The EPA Student Center is a web portal run by the US Environmental Protection Agency. There’s a Teacher-specific entrance that offers a range of environment themed teaching resources as well as links to workshops, conferences, grants and awards programs (because we all know the role that awards can play in motivating kids).

The Student entrance brings up enough activities, games and information to keep kids going for days while teaching them about environmental issues, air and water pollution, recycling, endangered plants and animals and other related topics. I suspect most people don’t know that there’s an online game show based on Air Quality Index, featuring a trio of chameleons as contestants. You’ll find it here. Kids can submit questions that EPA staff will answer and there are instructions for experiments they can try at home. Much of the material is divided into multiple age groups, so that First Graders are presented with the material at an age-approproate level, while older kids and even High School students have options too. Some material also offers multiple language support. Specific to Earth Day, here’s a link to the EPA’s Happy Earth Day Coloring And Activities Book.

One item that unsettled me a little, and that you’re unlikely to find at  your local bookshop: Dusty the Asthma Goldfish and his Asthma Triggers Funbook.  I realize asthma isn’t funny, but something about that title seems like a Monthy Python prop…

If you haven’t seen it already, the site is definitely worth bookmarking, not just for Earth Day, but for the wealth of rainy day or long weekend stuff to keep your kids entertained, informed and aware.  Here’s proof that the EPA does much more than harassing Ghostbusters and dropping giant glass domes over Springfield.

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