Killer Robots With Grant Imahara, Tonight on Science Channel

Geek Culture

Grant Imahara of MythBusters serves as tour guide for Killer Robots: RoboGames 2011, guiding viewers through the International Robogames Competition in San Mateo, Calif. Hailed by many as the pop-culture robot king, Imahara has a long history with robotics: he was an official operator of R2-D2, worked on the Energizer Bunny, wrote a book about combat robots, competed in BattleBots!, and created the quirky Craig Ferguson sidekick Geoff Peterson. Grant brings his love for robots to the center of the ring as he hosts this three-day spectacle celebrating extreme robotics, where robo-enthusiasts unite to witness more than 70 different competitions. The marquee event is the winner-takes-all Heavyweight elimination bracket, where the 220-pound metal warriors fight to the death—and the last one standing is crowned King of the Killer Robots.

Unfortunately I won’t get a chance to see it when it airs, but I’m sure I’ll find an alternative way in a day or two. I can only get Science Channel with the premium digital cable plan and I refuse to pay that much just to add one channel. Maybe Discovery can consider adding their content to Hulu Plus?

For a teaser, check out the LA Times’ interview of Grant Imahara about the new show.

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