How to Build a Toy Pistol Range at Work or Home

Reading Time: 1 minute

This one was sent to us by the folks in the video, who seem to have some free time on their hands.

We decided to build a shooting range for the office, because I finally got tired of getting shot with airsoft guns. The idea was to base it off of real steel shooting ranges by using an foldable, angled board with carpet for dampening. Then we used a clothesline setup to hold the silhouette. The clothesline isn’t really necessary if you can walk right up to the target or if you only have one lane, but it’s kind of fun regardless.

Obviously this is one of those geeky workplaces where such frivolity is tolerated (can I have a job, pleaaaaaase?!). And while this is an office, for those households that encourage such things, it looks like a pretty easy thing to replicate in, say, a garage.

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