GeekDad Puzzle of the Week: Captain Danger and the Spheres of Death

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This week, the daring Captain Danger finds himself in an impossible situation. Remember, email your solution by 10:00 p.m. EST Thursday to be part of the random selection of correct answers and win a $50 gift code to ThinkGeek!
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Captain Dirk Danger of the Starsystem Quantum Action Team (S.Q.A.T.) and his first mate have been captured by the dreaded Zorn. As is the Zorn way, they have presented our heroes with a chance to commute their death sentence. The prisoners are presented with two large vessels. One is filled with fifty black spheres, the other with fifty white spheres. The chief executioner will draw randomly from one of the two vessels. If the sphere is black, it is death. If it is white, it is life of hard labor on the prison planet of Exar.

The night before their sentence, Captain Danger and his mate devise a clever plan. They might be able to help their situation by mixing up the spheres in each vessel. There is nowhere to dispose of the spheres, so eliminating the black spheres is impossible. Plus, the Zorn are intelligent so their plan must keep the same number of spheres yet increase their chances as much as possible. They could mix up the spheres so that there were twenty-five of each color in each vessel, making sure the white spheres were on top. But the executioner might shake the vessels, or reach to the bottom and pull a sphere.

Suddenly, it occurs to Captain Danger that there is another way to help themselves.

How does Captain Danger and his mate help their situation?

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