Being a Jock is Back, Baby!

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FootballFootballGeekDad is dead, long live JockDad.

Something unjust happened with the boom of the Internet — the square-jawed high school quarterback stopped being the king of the hill. For a million years, jocks ruled. In the caveman days we were the hunters who brought home the food to the tribe while stone-age nerds, I dunno, packing bamboo pocket protectors, they looked on enviously as we hunters marched back into the village to the adulation of the throng. We gifted those nerds with breechclout wedgies and confiscated their pemmican money to encourage them to be more like us.

But they plotted, those nerds, those geeks. They fomented a grand multi-epoch plan to humble us, to take over being the alphas. They created computers and the internet, where our mighty thews were useless, where their overdeveloped domes held sway.

And for a brief decade it had looked like those dorks had won. Geeks went on to be millionaires while we were the oil change techs and insurance salesmen, dreaming of long-lost high school glory. But something has changed, and we at the Blog Formerly Known as GeekDad are on top of this 21st century meme.

People just got sick of those computers, and the pencil-necked dorks who invented them. Look at the numbers and you’ll see that computer sales are dropping through the floor.

Jocks are back. Once again we’re alpha, and we want your lunch money!

(Photo credit: ElvertBarnes, Community Commons)

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