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Gameday2009jpgGameday2009jpgToday marks one of three Worldwide D&D Game Days held in 2009, each one serving to promote the contents of the second volume of core books: Player’s Handbook II, Monster Manual II and DMG II.

Prepare yourself (and your friends) to join D&D fans all around the world on March 21st for Worldwide D&D Game Day: Player’s Handbook 2. Everything you need to play will be on-hand, so it’s a great chance for new players, as well as veterans, to band together and find some adventure.

Come try out the new races (such as the gnome) and the new classes (like the invoker and barbarian) while you battle wicked fiends and thwart dark plots. No matter if you’re new to the game or a 4th Edition veteran; we’ll have everything you need to embark on an all-new adventure.

See the Worldwide D&D Game Day site for event locations and other information.

The GeekDad blog’s giveaway is a simple one: add a comment to this post telling us about your thoughts about D&D as it relates to being a GeekDad, GeekMom, GeekKid, or (theoretically) a normal person. We’ll randomly pick one entry, and the winner will get a fabulous prize pack consisting of the following D&D 4th Edition books:

* Player’s Handbook (review)
* Player’s Handbook II (review coming soon!)
* Dungeon Master’s Guide (review)
* Monster Manual (review)
* Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide (review)
* Grand History of the Realms (review)
* Scepter Tower of Spellguard module

Basically, everything you need to play, other than dice and friends! Leave your thoughtful comment now.

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