GeekDad’s 2nd Anniversary – Patrick Orndorff’s Story



Why I Joined GeekDad: I ran into GeekDad for the first time in early 2008 when searching for podcasts to listen to on iTunes. I was enjoying a short stint as a stay-at-home Dad and I was looking for some tips on after-school activities to do with my kids. I was also a Wired Magazine subscriber, so listening to the GeekDad podcast seemed like a natural fit.

I mainlined a few episodes back-to-back when I got to an episode which featured Ken Denmead, Brian Little… and no one else. The rest of the "series regulars" were unavailable to record that evening. "Hey," I thought to myself, "I am a geek and a Dad. I know tools and how to be crafty. I even had some college radio experience. I could offer my services!"

So, having a way over-inflated estimation of my own skill-set, I sent Ken an email proposing that I could be available as a back-up contributor whenever they were short handed. He responded by saying he was not currently looking for anyone to appear the podcast but was at that time looking for more contributors for the blog. "Hrrrm, blogging," said one of the other voices in my brain, "I have never done that before. Why not?"

So I ended up joining the list of contributors in April of 2008. I still try to find time to crank out at least one post a week and I definitely enjoy cyber-collaboration with my GeekDad cohorts. One of these days we should all meet together in person. That is, if that would not upset the natural nerd-balance of the universe. Gods help us all if we met together at a Con or something. It could tear a hole in the fabric of space-time

My Favorite Post: Would have to be the one I did about Ten Great Webcomics You Should NOT Share With Your Kids. It generated a lot of comments, some of which pointed me to other webcomics that I have grown to love. Some of you people out there enjoy some truly twisted shiz. (That is one of the many reasons I love our readers.)

Happy Anniversary GeekDad! Remember, two is like ten in blog years. That means GeekDad in entering its pre-pubescence, hopefully without all of the awkardness and acne!

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