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It’s spring. Lots of people have decided to take up running as a way to lose a bit of weight and get into better shape. I mentioned five tools last year that got me running, now for a couple more.


Last year, I listed Five Tools for Getting a Geek Running. Several things have changed for me since last August…

  1. I went “hard-core” (at least in my mind) this winter. I bought the clothes to keep me warm so I could run outside in January and February. In Wisconsin. In sub-freezing weather.I just couldn’t run on a treadmill any more.Turns out that I’d rather run in winter than in summer…until this year, I thought people running outside in winter were weird…now I just see them as smart.
  2. I got signed up for the Madison (Wisconsin) Half-Marathon at the end of May. I’m presently half-way through a training program to prepare for my very-first half-marathon. The GeekMom signed me up as a birthday gift. My training plan is part of the features offered through the Nike Running website when you use a Nike+ kit. I talked and talked about running a half-marathon – this year, the GeekMom moved it beyond talk. I’m on the hook…and there’s nothing more motivating than knowing your money has been spent on a registration for a race and not wanting to waste it.
  3. I’m helping the local Boys and Girls Club as a running coach for their running club. We’re using the tried-and-true Couch-to-5K program to help the kids get ready for a 5K race in early June. It’s great to see these young guys and girls improving week after week – and if I skip out on the training, I’ve got a bunch of disappointed young people to answer to.
  4. I’m using DailyMile as a way to connect to other runners. As simple as it sounds, there’s something incredibly motivating having other GeekDads, co-workers, friends, or different people in the same area to connect with. You can motivate, comment, encourage and see how you rank compared to your friends. If there are any GeekDad readers on DailyMile – here’s my profile. Drop me a note and I’ll follow you. Who knows? Maybe we can get a GeekDad running group set up there.

I used to run alone – but I’ve found it much more fun to run with others — whether young children at the Boys and Girls Club, seeing how I rank against other runners online or knowing that I’ll be running with several thousand people in just over a month.

What about you?

Image from mkorchia (via Flickr)

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