GeekDad Puts Wheaton into the Finals



It seems we can now point to something called "The GeekDad Effect" with a bit of pride. This weekend, Matt Blum posted a call to arms in support of Wil Wheaton’s chances in the Geek Madness tournament over at Paul & Storm’s website. When Matt initially posted, Wil was 80 votes behind Gabe & Tycho of Penny Arcade. After the hue and cry were raised, when the dust settled, Wil ended up winning… by nearly 900 votes! The GeekDad community rocks!

WheatdonWheatdon In light of this awesome final round battle, I had to dig up a t-shirt I designed years ago in a fit of fanboy geekitude. For your consideration, I give you the Wheaton/Whedon shirt of ultimate geekness! (yes, I know, it’s Cafepress, but when I designed this shirt, that was the best resource for print-on-demand)

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