D&D Game Day Giveway Wrap-Up

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GamedayGamedayThank you to everyone who participated in our Worldwide D&D Game Day contest we held this Saturday. Every one of the 127 comments got sent to my phone throughout the day, and I read them all. Such an awesome outpouring of nostalgia!

Random.org chose Richard C. of London, England as our winner. Here’s what Richard wrote:

I used to love role playing. It brings out a creativity unparalleled in teenagers. I began with AD&D (~84) and went onto play many other role playing games such as paranoia. I sit with my 3-year old son and go through old AD&D and Runequest manuals. He loves the pictures of combat and magic and we learn the roles and diversity of all the characters, especially the magicians/sorcerers which are his favourite! It really brings me back to the day.

Thanks again to those who left comments, and also a very heartfelt thanks to Wizards of the Coast for donating the fabulous prizes.

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