Battlestar Galactica Influences the Real World, or at Least the U.N.

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Every now and then you see a story that makes you blink a few times to make sure you read it correctly, and maybe check the calendar to make sure it’s not April Fool’s Day. You may be having one of those moments now, just as I did a little while ago.

There I was, innocently reading the TV Squad blog, when I came across an article about a panel discussion being held at the United Nations this coming Tuesday about Battlestar Galactica. It seems it’s actually true, despite what most people’s initial reaction would be to the story.

Yes, according to sources, Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Ron Moore and David Eick will be heading to the U.N. to talk about the show, and how it’s dealt with "human rights, children and armed conflict, terrorism, human rights and reconciliation and dialogue among civilizations and faith." For reasons left unexplained—perhaps they thought they could use the wisdom of Guinan—the panel will be moderated by Whoopi Goldberg. The Sci Fi Channel has announced that a recording and transcript will be made available to fans at some point, which could be interesting.

The article doesn’t say where the idea for the panel came from, which makes me curious: Is some higher-up at the U.N. a fan of the show? Or did a Sci Fi PR person call up someone at the U.N. and pitch the idea to him or her? I don’t think it’s a bad idea, because I love the show and think its stories contain a lot of food for thought. It does seem a bit out-of-left-field, that’s all. I, for one, will be interested to see if anything useful, or at least interesting to fans, comes of it.

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