Be Ready for El Niño With Today's Daily Deals

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We all know the weather situation this year is going to be very interesting (for all values of interesting that include crazy storms, snow, tornadoes, and dogs and cats sleeping together), so maybe it’s time to make sure you’re prepared. Today’s Amazon Daily Deals will lend a hand in that effort.

First is a compact buy powerful 2000W generator for when the power goes out. Let’s look at the math here: this thing will put put 2000 peak Watts of power, and it will deliver 12 or 120 Volts. Using the 120V outlets, that means you’ll have over 15 Amps available to you, which is as much as most regular household outlets on a dedicated circuit. Very useful for when the lights go out! Today, it’s on sale for just $390 (35% off)!

And with such crazy weather, you may end up having to go outside to fix some damage or clear some debris, so you’ll need some rugged footwear. Men’s and Women’s Wolverine workboots in a variety of styles are on sale today for 40% or more off regular prices!

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