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Toolbox_cToolbox_cCongratulations to Paul Marcontell who cracked the word combination and was selected among correct answers for a $50 gift code to ThinkGeek. Check the solution after the jump for your code for $10 off of your next $30 purchase at ThinkGeek.


Special thanks to ThinkGeek for our prizes!

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Some joker thought it might be funny to install a crazy combination lock using an old telephone dial to keep you out of your toolbox.
Scrawled on the dial is a clue that signifies that it will take six steps from the starting word "sith" to reach the final word "heat" (on the seventh step), changing only one letter each time to make a brand new word. (No other letters can move places.)


What are the steps to open your toolbox?


A number of directions present themselves, all of which are valid as long as there are six steps between words. Here is one:

1. with
2. wish
3. fish
4. fist
5. fest
6. feat

Puzzle winner Paul Marcontell’s solution:

6. Teat
5. Tent
4. Tint
3. Tine
2. Sine
1. Site

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