Are You a Home Science Geek? Want to be on TV?

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The Science Channel is (once again) looking for a few good geeks. 
But this time, it’s even better.  They’re looking for user-generated content to include on a new science show, called BrinkFrom the website:

Brink’s producers are looking for
  homemade science videos to put on the air. The videos should be in one of three categories:

Geek Out – If you’ve figured out a new way to do something we want
  to hear about it. Let us know how your enormous brain has gotten around
  technology, or pioneered new work in particle physics.


Rant – Ticked off about technology? Unload on us. Turn the camera
  on and vent about all the ways the stuff that’s supposed to make your life
  easier REALLY makes things tougher.


Ask a Scientist – You’ve got questions – we’ve got answers. What
  have you always wanted to a scientist to explain to you?
Sounds like a great opportunity for some GeekDads and their geeklets to explore a little science, and maybe even get themselves on the tube. Check it out!
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