Weekend Kid Projects: This One’s For The Birds

Geek Culture

It’s the dead of winter, and in much of the country, that means it’s hard going for the bird population. If you’re of a mind to ease their hardship a bit, while occupying your geeklets and teaching them a smattering of crafty skills and backyard birding at same time, The Crafty Crow rounds up a series of quick and easy bird feeders. Recycle cereals boxes, string popcorn, reuse a few milk cartons and make everything your feathered friends need to get through a rough winter.

Need more options? GaiamLife has five more feeder suggestions, CritterGeek shows you how to hang them, the National Wildlife Federation gives you seven tips for filling your feeders on a budget, and Instructables user mjger gives you his take on camera-fying them.

Got any tips for feeding your local fliers, or spying on them while they dine or nest? You know what to do.

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