What’s the Right Age to Take Your Kids to a Con?



Valentine’s Day weekend had the Mrs. and I making our annual trip to our favorite East Coast anime convention, Katsucon
The anime was good and the cosplayers where out in full force. Yet something was different this time around.
Tho we decided against it for 2009, it was the first year we had considered taking the boy along. We’re fast approaching 
the point where we’ll want him having the con experience. 

Whether anime, comic books or sci-fi there’s likely a con for you.  The more difficult question to ask is whether it’s a con for your geeklet.  When it comes to anime conventions as a whole I’m torn.  Katsucon did offer up several blocks of children’s anime this year, so there certainly would have been new stuff for my son to watch.  On the flip-side, you can’t swing a dead neko without hitting a yaoi or hentai booth. 

When it comes down to it, I may wait for my son to ask before deciding to take him along. 
What conventions do you go? Do your geeklets partake? How old were they when you let them come along?

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