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If you were watching the train wreck that was advertising during the Super Bowl, you may recall one of the few bright spots: a very kinetic and tantalizing trailer for the upcoming live-action G.I. Joe movie.  While we were only given glimpses of cool-looking ninja’s, we did get Christopher Eccleston and Dennis Quaid, each being cool in their own awesome ways.  We were also given the sense of an over-the-top action film that just might fulfill our childhood fantasies of seeing the Joe team come to life to battle the evil Cobra.

Well, as jaded adults, we’ve been burned enough times by movie adaptations of the shows from our youth that very few of us are holding our respective breaths at a return to the childhood joy of the original G.I. Joe. However, we know full well that that’s not what this is about anyway. 

This is about toys.

How many of us had one or more G.I. Joe toys that were used to act out epic battles of good versus evil when we were kids?  Well, it’s time to re-live a little bit of that fun.  There’s a whole slew of new toys coming out to tie into the movie, and GeekDad has been given the exclusive chance to show a few of them off in advance of the New York Toy Fair.  So, if you’re interested in seeing what you’ll be buying… for your kids (ahem) in the next couple months, take a look in the extended post.

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