Ticket to Ride Pocket Gets the 1910 Expansion

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Ticket to Ride Pocket 1910 expansionTicket to Ride Pocket 1910 expansion
If you’ve been enjoying multi-mode on Ticket to Ride Pocket (I actually installed both the Pocket and HD version on my iPad since they have different play modes), today you’ll be getting another new option: the 1910 expansion. I actually haven’t played this expansion in real life, so I can’t comment on the gameplay myself, but it adds some variants to the US map. There are 35 new tickets, which gives you more paths you can complete.

Ticket to Ride Pocket achievementsTicket to Ride Pocket achievements

New achievements to earn in the 1910 variants.

There are three variants: Classic, Mega, and Big Cities. There are also more achievements for solo play, mostly specific to the new variants. Days of Wonder CEO Eric Hautemont has been bragging about being first to collect all 10 achievements (of course, he kind of got a head start) and is watching to see who can beat his score of 426 in the Mega variant.

Ticket to Ride Pocket is available for $1.99 in the iTunes store, and the 1910 expansion is an in-app purchase for $.99.

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