David After Dentist – Funny Video, Horrible Parenting, or Both?

Geek Culture

In case you’ve been utterly disconnected from the internet over the last couple weeks, you’ve heard about or seen David After Dentist, a video clip on YouTube showing a boy in the backseat of a minivan coming down from the drugs he received on a visit to the dentist.  We’re not posting any links here, though, because the video has stirred quite a bit of controversy within the GeekDad community.

On the one hand, some look at it as an amusing bit of harmless fun, and indeed a great thing to show our own kids to illustrate the dangers of any kind of mind-altering drugs.  David is obviously not in his right mind, and is more than a little bit distressed by what’s happening to his perception of reality.

On the other hand, other GeekDads are aghast that a parent would post such a video to the internet, exposing their child to public ridicule that has the potential of lasting their entire lives.  David’s experience has become a huge meme, shown all over the internet and on television, discussed, joked about, and remixed.  It’s quite likely his entire school has seen the video, and we can only imagine the effects.  Indeed, I’m writing this post finally because my own son brought the video up on his own, mentioning it because his teacher had talked about it in class.  It’s that widespread.

So let’s get a little (GeekDad readership) public perspective on this issue.  Are you okay with the idea of a parent posting amusing videos or images of their kids online? Or is there some kind of right to privacy, either legal or moral, that’s been violated here?  What do you think?

<a href ="http://answers.polldaddy.com/poll/1362851/" >Was posting the “David After Dentist” video on YouTube okay?</a>  <br/> <span style="font-size:9px;"> (<a href ="http://www.polldaddy.com">  surveys</a>)</span>

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