Alien Technology or Science? 2009 Toy Fair

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ToyFair2009IMG_5889ToyFair2009IMG_5889Near the end of the day I ran into Victor, almost literally.  I really should learn not to look behind me when I walk.  Victor was levitating a foil shape with a hand held Van de Graff generator while Olga and a few helpers were packing up their booth.  Not only is this a cool trick, sure to impress the kids, it’s a great lesson about static electricity.

The FunFlyStick comes with a few insanely lightweight foil (mylar?) shapes that quickly take on a charge from the  Van de Graff generator, puff up, and float gently away.  I’d recommend using in rooms with a high ceiling and without hanging lamps or fans.  The foil is affected by the slightest breeze and is attracted to anything that isn’t negatively charged.

After a little while Olga got tired of packing and brought out a much larger shape and levitated it with two wands.  It appeared to be broken strands of the smaller shapes tied together to form a toroid over a foot in diameter.  While she was floating the toroid like a flying saucer, she told me of a new model due out this year with clear plastic to be used as a teaching aid.

You can find a bit more information about the FunFlyStick at their web site, Unitech Toys

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