Combi iPod Bouncer Works Better than Setting the Baby Carrier on a Subwoofer, Causes Arachnophobia


This is one of those great ideas that could suffer from unintended consequences.  The Combi iPod Bouncer is a reclining seat for your lil’ Clapton/Mozart/Moby-to-be.  And, as nearly every new gadget is these day, it is iPod-capable.  Actually, you can hook up pretty much any standard earphone jack to it, and pipe audio to the seat, inducing the kind of soothing bedtime motions that only Buckethead could provide.

On the positive side, I remember many, many late nights driving my first son all over town, or setting him on top of a running clothes dryer, trying to get him to sleep, and this kind of thing could have saved a lot of gas (petroleum or natural).  On the negative side, well, you know there will be people who use old Neal Sedaka music with this thing, threatening to tear a hole in the space/time continuum.  Plus, it looks vaguely spidery (you see it, don’t you?).

Think Geek, $80.

(via Gizmodo via Red Ferret)

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