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Last September, I posted a video that showed budding world-builders how to wiki-fy their new realms. My top choice for wiki systems was—and remains—the gaming-centric Obsidian Portal.

Looks like the crew at Obsidian Portal had a New Year’s resolution to make their site even more awesome, because they unveiled a new design at the beginning of the month:

Just in time for the new year, Obsidian Portal has a brand new look. After listening to user feedback, we took what was good and mercilessly slashed what wasn’t. The end result is a great new design that better showcases all the great campaigns created by the game masters and players out there.

Our main goal with the redesign was to give more space and more focus to each individual campaign. We’ve tweaked color schemes, reworked the sidebars, optimized navigation, and increased the screen space for the campaign pages. The end result is less clutter and more focus. Every campaign simply looks fantastic.

I couldn’t agree more. With new features and tweaks added every month, Obsidian Portal is shaping up to be one of the premier sites for campaign organization and Web 2.0 style social networking. Check it out!

Obsidian Portal – roll your own campaign website for Dungeons and Dragons or other RPGs

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