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Ultimate Starter Toolset QuestionUltimate Starter Toolset Question

The time comes for every Geekdad to present his offspring with the tools they need to live a full and productive life.
I’m not speaking of the metaphoric variety here.  I mean the kind of tools that will allow them to gut your toaster when you aren’t looking (pray it’s just the toaster).  Certainly there are tons of options, but let’s assume that on the whole there are two general ways to go.   You can either buy a preconstructed set meant for kids or you can hand pick the set yourself.

Let’s say you want to get a set that’s already put together. Some examples are the
Little Workers 13-Piece Tool Kit
and the Grip 9 pc Children’s Tool Set.
The pros here are that you get a fair number of tools for not a lot of money.  These will also likely be of the right size for the youngins to handle.  The downside is that most kits won’t have everything you want.  Also, the quality tends to be less than stellar since the tools are intended to last a childhood and not a lifetime.   

The other option is to pick out each piece individually.  The pros being you know exactly what you are getting.  You’ll be able to choose what tools they should have and the quality will likely be better than the preconstructed sets.
The downside is that you are likely going to be spending a lot more in terms of both money and time.   That said, I think this is the way to go.  These sets are often cross listed in the toys section.  We want to buy tools here, not toys. 

Here’s a bare bones list of what I think should be in our set.

  • Flat head Screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Allen wrenches
  • Claw hammer
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Socket Wrench Set
  • Tape measure

This should serve as reasonable start.  What we need now are specifics and that’s where you come in. If you had to put together the ultimate Geekkid starter toolset, what would be in it?  What items would you add to this list?  Would you have tools specific to certain types of making or keep it general?
Make your recommendations in the comments.  Mentioning specific product with links would be most helpful. 

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