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We love MAKE here at GeekDad, and so should you! Check out the cream of the crop from last week:

Gift guide for the trebuchet and catapult maker
MAKE columnist William Gurstelle put together everything you need to get started making your own giant-flinger, or as they’re properly called… trebuchets and catapults! You might ask why we’re putting a guide like this on MAKE, catapult kits sums it up pretty well…
"Because the world needs good engineers and scientists, and because the kids who will grow up to become engineers and scientists need a way to get hands-on experience with physics, math and engineering".

Maker Faire Newcastle 2009
The first UK Maker Faire will take place in Newcastle 14-15 March 2009
as part of Newcastle ScienceFest – a 10 day festival celebrating creativity and innovation. In the last decade Newcastle has joined forces with neighbouring Gateshead and has transformed itself into one of Europe’s most exciting places. Architectural icons such as the gigantic Angel of the North (whose 54m wingspan is longer than a jumbo jet!) best symbolises the region’s unquenchable thirst for creativity and sense of fun.

Make: television debut
Make: television debuts in 12 days. The online premiere of Make:
television is January 3rd 2009, visit or iTunes to see the entire first episode! The broadcast premiere will follow shortly after depending on when your local Public Television (PBS) station airs it.
Episodes will be available: commercial free, on PBS, DRM free and in gorgeous HD (High definition format) on MAKE’s site, iTunes and probably a lot of other places.

Boink! – papercraft robots heart MAKE subscriptions
The holidays are quickly approaching, but it’s not too late to give a year subscription to MAKE or a gift certificate to the Maker Shed store. We all know how makers love robots, so why not make a papercraft robot to personally deliver the gift of making?

Christmas tree made from 70 SCSI hard drives
In total there are around 70 old SCSI hard drives, between 9gb and
18gb in size each.

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