Star Wars and Sledding, Together at Last!

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If you’re at all like me, you probably thought there were no more avenues of merchandising left for George Lucas to exploit. It turns out we were wrong. My theory is that someone at Lucasfilm was watching The Empire Strikes Back, and had a sudden epiphany while watching the scenes on Hoth: Sleds!

So now—or at least soon, when it’s back in stock—you can go sledding on the Millennium Falcon. Or at least something that looks like the Millennium Falcon after getting stuck in the galaxy’s largest trash compactor. Since it’s not symmetrical, I don’t know how good a sled it would actually be, and since there don’t seem to be any photos of its bottom it’s hard to see if it has runners or, if not, what the bottom looks like. But, regardless, it has enough awesomeness to offset any flaws it may have as a sled, even though $34.99 may be a bit much for a lousy sled (if such it turns out to be).

Now my biggest concern is whether it’s big and sturdy enough for a full-grown man to use, or if I’d have to just watch while my kids use it.

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