A Truly Amazing 60,000-Piece LEGO Star Wars Diorama

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A man named Mark Borlase has built a LEGO diorama of the attack on the Hoth base out of 60,000 pieces. It evidently took him four years and cost him over $3,000, and has lights and a remote-controlled device, and it’s just amazing.

I find that projects like this one are astonishing on two levels: First, you boggle at the level of detail and the effort that must’ve gone into it; and then you think about and realize the sheer amount of time that went into it as well. I mean, I know that building just the exterior detail would’ve driven me nuts, let alone the interior. And, while Borlase obviously used some packaged models, like the X-wings and the AT-ATs, he obviously went to a lot of trouble to design it just the way he wanted it. He even made little minifig footprints in the snow!

A whole set of pictures can be found here, and a great many more, including details on the construction, can be found on Borlase’s blog. Enjoy!

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