Geek Madness: Vote for the Secretary of Geek Affairs

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BombadilregionBombadilregionGeeky musicians Paul and Storm have created what might be the ultimate showdown of ultimate geek destiny:

…as the first geek President, Barack Obama would do well to reward this important and influential constituency by creating a new cabinet post: the Secretary of Geek Affairs.

And it’s up to YOU (the collective you, that is) to make sure the right person gets the job. As such we present GEEK MADNESS: a 64-“team” elimination tournament decided by public voting as to which person (or persons), real or fictional, is best for the job.

The list of candidates is an amazing squee-fest: should Wil Wheaton defeat Wesley Crusher? Is Spock better suited than John Hodgman? Steve Jobs or Steve Wozniak? I can see going on like this for decades, so it’s amazing no one has thought of it before.

There’s no sign-up process, so voting is as simple as a couple clicks per faceoff. Voting is already over for Round 1 in two of the four regions (Bombadil, Do’Urden, Jor-El, and Lobot, naturally), so be sure to cast your vote now.

(via geekdad patron saint Wil Wheaton)

We also posted about this earlier, but it bears repeating as the tourney carries on.

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