10 Gifts Under $10 for the SF Geek

Hacking the Holidays


With the economy in a downward spiral and Christmas just eight days away, we at GeekDad headquarters are here to help you decide on what gifts to get every member of your geekly gang.

Unless you’re lucky enough to win one of our awesome free give-aways during our 12 Days of Geekmas, chances are you’ll need to actually pay for your presents this year. I already posted a list of 10 Geeky Gifts Under $10, but maybe the geek in your life is more interested in science fiction than totally awesome super-powered magnets?

In the interest of saving you both time and money, here are 10 Geeky Gifts Under $10 for the SF Geek.

1. Wesley Crusher Action Figure – Once it was cool to poke fun at the young, nerdy, sweatered one. But now? Uncle Willie is an icon, man. For $1.99 you can let your geek rescue the Enterprise every day of the week! (And while you’re at it, scoop up the rest of the crew, too!)

2. The Imperial Stormtrooper Keychain – I know what you’re thinking. Did he just do what I think he did? Did he link a Wars gift right after a Trek gift? You’re damn right he did. Come on, admit it. You always wanted some crossover action. Just buy a Wesley action figure along with the Stormtrooper keychain and see who wins! (Answer: Wesley. Storm Troopers can’t hit the broad side of a Mon Calamari cruiser.) For a paltry $4.49, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal.

3. Stephen Hawking’s Universe – Although you can get A Brief History of Time for under $10 used, this is a great companion piece to be read in conjunction. At $5.99, you’ll still have some money left over for Wesley, too. Or Worf. Whatever.

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4. The Audubon Society’s Pocket Guide to the Stars – Sure, there are plenty of planets beyond our solar system—but how about knowing the ones we can see here from earth first? This pocket guide isn’t only priced right at $9.95, but is small enough to take anywhere—or to store in a glovebox.


5. Battlestar Galactica Minimates Cylon Warrior – For tough days at the office, set this little one up to survey the premises for any bandits. Better than DRADIS.

6. Manos the Hands of Fate DVD – Okay, so technically the film itself isn’t science fiction, but it did inspire one of the best episodes of MST3K in existence. For less than $8.00 you can watch the entire film, in its entire entirety, entirely at your own home. Which I’m sure if a form of torture in some countries. Original, uncut. Buy it or the Master will not be pleased.

7. Window cling planets – Applications? Anywhere and everywhere. I personally think these would look best on the window of your car, but that’s me. For $1.99, this "toy" will certainly add an otherworldly feel to any space.

8. I Want to Believe poster – No sf geek’s room is complete without this iconic item. Enough said.

9. Retro Robot Ornament – While I’m usually a little hesitant to list a holiday item for a holiday gift list, this robot changed my mind. I’m not sure if it’s the dial on its front or the strange, metallic grin on his face, but the form seems perfectly suited for the "Olde worlde" style.


10. Space Ship Oil Warmer – Contrary to popular belief, many geeks—and especially GeekDads via their insistent partners—appreciate good smells. But finding the right method can be tricky. Enter the space ship oil warmer! A few drops of essential oils in the top of this little beaut and you’re warp speed to sweet scents.

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