Doctor Who Christmas Treats

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We love Doctor Who around our house, because it’s great sci-fi and it’s something that the whole family can enjoy. In the USA iTunes has been a much less expensive way to watch the series instead of buying the DVDs. On iTunes a season will cost you the improbable amount of $25.86 for season 1 or $27.86 for season 2 or 3, but the DVD sets list for $99.99 and sell on Amazon for around $60.

One big drawback with iTunes has been that the Christmas Specials, which bridge the seasons, have not been available on iTunes in the USA. The BBC has now gifted us with the Christmas specials for seasons 1/2 and 2/3 on iTunes.

But that’s not all, the BBC has also posted a trailer for the upcoming Christmas Special introducing the next season of Doctor Who. You can watch the it on the BBC site if you’re in the UK and elsewhere you’ll need to go to YouTube, as Phil Plait noted on Bad Astronomy.

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