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KotaKotaWe blogged about Kota back in February, but it bears repeating again as we get closer to the holidays.   
Kota is in some respects a largish (32 inches tall, over 36 inches long) version of the Pleo.  While the Kota Triceratops Dinosaur appears to have fewer sensors he can sense motion and touch, move his head, and blink his eyes.  Just don’t pit the Kota and Pleo against each other in a race.  While Kota will make stomping sounds when you (or your kid) jump on his back, he is unable to walk on his own.

I’m eager to see if someone will take one to Maker Faire Austin and toss it in the ring with one of the Combots.  There was a similar "fight" between Ugobe Pleo and Vicious Verdict [warning, graphic robot death] this spring.

Video of the Kota after the jump:

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