Steampunk Star Wars Makes Even the Ewoks Look Cool

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We’ve posted about the genius of Sillof’s steampunk Star Wars figures before, but he’s gone and done it again, and we just had to show them off.  He’s finally finished the original trilogy with a series of figures representing characters from The Return of the Jedi, and they are all magnificent.  I especially appreciate the turnabout of the rather dangerous-looking Ewok here, whom I figure could take Chewie down in a fair fight.  Look for more in the Extended post.

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Jedi Luke looks ever cooler in armor than he did in the black Nehru jacket.


Jabba here looks like he would be more at home running a horde of pick-pocketing kids.


"Oh my! I’ll be vexed, but it appears to be a trap!"


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Found via Gizmodo.

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